Nature's fury forces Kaa (King of mighty Dinosaurs) and his army to migrate in search of food and water. After a long and tiresome journey, Kaa arrives in Kumaon. Kumaon is blessed with nature's bounty, it is ruled by the Lion King Sohoma. The peace of Kumaon is destroyed as Kaa and his army take over the kingdom. The inhabitants of Kumaon watch helplessly in terror as the hungry army feeds on the abundance of once peaceful kingdom.

The animals find themselves cornered, there is not one family who has not lost someone to the greed of Kaa's army. What was once heaven turns into hell. However, one incidence changes the myth about the invincibility of Kaa's army. The helpless deer is saved from the death by a tiger clan who fight the giant dinosaur. This victory lifted the broken spirits of animals who brace themselves for the epic battle with the giants.

The giant dinosaurs are nightmares as warriors, the animals of Kumaon are aware that they cannot win the battle with strength. The strategic team is set-up to formulate the strategy to defeat giant Kaa and gain independence for their kingdom.